Waterfall Jacket

  • $6.40

Available as a Digital Download Only

These Digital Fashion Instructions must be used along with the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit

As you read through your instructions, you'll notice that if you choose to add on a wider 'waterfall' drape, the lower the drape will hang.  For the pink/black knit jacket, I've chosen the shorter waterfall extension.This jacket looks great over either a matching or contrasting tank top.  My basic black tank top sets off the black in the fabric.  However I'd purchased plenty of fabric to sew a coordinating tank top.

This particular fabric has a real funky selvage that looks like mini-fringe.  It was just perfect for leaving as is for the lower hem edge.  In order to achieve this I needed to lay the straight of grain PERPENDICULAR to the selvage, not the usual parallel to the selvage layout.

Then I cut a design line from the right armhole through to the lower left side seam.  Once the pattern was cut apart on this diagonal design line, seam allowance was added.  I wanted the fringy selvage to act as a design element in the final presentation.

The fabric wrong side was dominant in black, so I reversed the fabric to cut & sew the bias trim that I applied at the armhole and neckline.All up, it's a great design combination - the waterfall jacket and the tank top - enjoy!

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