Video Conference

Fitting issues? Sewing questions? Need help? Book a video conference (Zoom or Messenger or WhatsApp) with Martha to get some help.

You choose the fitting or sewing topic! We choose a mutually acceptable time and date.


Video Conference with Martha

Date: We'll choose a time and date that works for both our schedules.

Duration: Choose either 15 minute or 30 minute meeting, or longer if you want - you set the time limit!

Location: Your sewing studio.

Cost: AU$10.00 for 15 minutes  -- OR --  AU$20.00 for 30 minutes or multiple thereof.

Payment will be made by credit card or PayPal prior to the session.

Simply call Martha on + 61 (0) 402 342 099 to arrange your session, or email if that's your preference:

I look forward to being of assistance!