Pattern Drafting Tools

These are the necessary tools and supplies for working with all of the Sure-Fit Designs Fitting and Sewing Pattern Kits:

The Designing Stylus is the major drawing tool that is used with the various patterns for drawing curves.

The new Clear Designing Stylus is the same as our regular Designing Stylus, but made from a clear plastic so you can see right through!

The Designer's Companion is much smaller than the Designing Stylus, and is perfect for all the tight, tiny curves.

The Tracing Vellum is used for drawing your patterns, as you can see through the paper to the Master Pattern Sheet.  Our tracing vellum comes in two sizes, both coming in very economical 46m long rolls.  One roll is 45cm wide, for general purpose pattern drafting.  The second size roll is 60cm wide, the larger width perfece for sleeve patterns and designing larger patterns.  You will love using our tracing vellum!

The Line Drafter is a straight ruler, but with a wonderful attached handle!

The Easy Check Tape Measure is perfect for measuring yourself, with a click snap to hold the tape at the measured length for easy reading.

The Curved T-Square is really helpful for making sure you have an accurate 90 degree angle at the relevant seam junctions.

The Narrow Seam Buddy is great if you prefer to use more narrow seams in your sewing, and also has a 45 degree angle.

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