About Us

We are very glad to be involved with Sure-Fit Designs™ and supporting these fantastic products here in Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia!

Sure-Fit Designs™ Australia is owned and operated by Martha and Robert Schuster.

Martha has been using Sure-Fit Designs products for 25 years in her personal sewing and also with her very popular alterations business.  Martha has also received her Sure-Fit Designs™ training with Glenda Sparling in the United States and is now certified to sell, support and teach the full range of Sure-Fit Designs™ products and services.

Importing the products from the USA in bulk quantities as a distributor allows us to pass on savings to Sure-Fit Designs customers all across Australia; thanks to reduced shipping and import costs.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support.  You can e-mail us for advice and guidance and we are happy to speak with you on the phone if you have any questions about using Sure-Fit Designs products, or to discuss your needs.


Why use the Sure-Fit Designs™ Fitting and Sewing System?

For well over 40 years seamstresses worldwide have been using the Sure-Fit Designs system for fitting and designing. The benefits are numerous.

You can fit and sew for any person, no matter the height, width or body irregularities, quickly and easily every time.

As your body shape changes, you can re-use the patterns and tools for all your fitting and sewing – with no additional items necessary to achieve that great fit – thereby saving you money.

You can sew any design/style you want and never have to purchase another commercial pattern.

You can sew with this system forever, and its versatility never wears out!

You can expand your sewing, fitting and designing skills and talents at your own pace. Every one of us has designing capabilities of which we may not even be aware - Give yourself the opportunity to grow and develop these skills and feel the fun and excitement of personal achievement.

Doesn’t it make sense to design your own clothes from a pattern that fits your body, instead of always trying to work from commercial patterns that seldom fit you because the size is not quite what your body measurements are? You will save time by not having all of those pesky adjustments to do before you can even get sewing! Just imagine your wardrobe full of fashionable clothing sewn to fit exclusively you!

Throughout this website you will find all of the Sure-Fit Designs™ kits and tools required for achieving excellent pattern fit. Each fitting/sewing kit contains the necessary Master Patterns - in an extremely broad measurement size range from 71 cm (28") to 157 cm (62"), complete instruction books, plus other necessary tools and materials for drawing your personalized body blueprint. All instruction books are clearly illustrated with step-by-step details.

If you want to learn more there are heaps of FREE videos and articles in the Sure-Fit Designs "Learning Centre" (to view CLICK HERE) that you can browse and learn much more about this system and why it has been so popular for such a long period of time, and used by many thousands of sewing enthusiasts all around the world.