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SFD 40th Anniversary

Meet Bernard Burns Free Live Chat

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"Interview with Bernard Edward Burns"

Sunday 20 February - REPLAY Available Now!

CLICK HERE to join the live chat or to view the replay.

Join in this very interesting and inspiring interview Glenda had with Bernard Edward Burns (Custom Clothier, Designer, Sewist, Model, Artist and Entrepeneur).  Bernard is a regular contributor to our private Facebook group, and his creations he regularly posts never cease to amaze us.

Also Glenda will keep us posted with more details about further upcoming events as part of our February month-long celebration of the 40th Anniversery of Sure-Fit Designs.

The chat will be available for replay at the same link.

Happy Fitting and Sewing, and thank you for visiting our website!

Martha Schuster

Owner, Sure-Fit Designs Australia



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