Live Chat Event

SFD Live Chat Event


Join Glenda the Good Stitch in this free live chat event to celebrate the 39th anniversary of  Sure-Fit Designs!

Do you know how to divide a dart?  In this broadcast Glenda will be providing a free lesson on how to do it.  And there will be announcements on upcoming events, valuable details you won't want to miss, and more.

Unfortunately . . .  the time for the Live event is not very convenient for any of us here "down under" (Australia or New Zealand).

Here's the good news:  The replay will be available on-line, so you can watch later!

Live event time:  Friday 15 January 2021, at 4:00 AM  Brisbane Time / 5:00 AM Sydney / Melbourne Time (or check you local time zone please!)

The live event will be on the Sure-Fit Designs YouTube channel ==>  CLICK HERE to join (No advance registration necessary, just open this YouTube page to view the event from the starting time.).

Can't do the early morning Live event?  CLICK HERE to view the replay.

Happy Fitting and Sewing, and thank you for visiting our website!

Martha Schuster

Owner, Sure-Fit Designs Australia