Unlined Go To Jacket

  • $9.45

By Elsabe Hurn (Sure-Fit Designs South Africa)

Available as a Digital Download Only

These Digital Fashion Instructions must be used along with the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit

Elsabe's pink jacket was the first one she designed.  She receives heaps of compliments whenever she wears it - And also requests for the instructions for how to design and sew.

Sew...here you go!

Elsabe made the blue boucle version for these leaflet instructions.

This particular jacket is slightly longer than the pink version, but the process is the same. Elsabe comments that the boucle was one of those fabrics that she'll never use again. The weave was so loose that everything "caught" on the fibers and pulled. We all live and learn, but the jacket still came out beautifully, thanks to the time and attention Elsabe gave to its construction.

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