Peplum Trumpet Blouse

  • $8.15

Peplum Trumpet Blouse

Fashion Leaflet

Available in a Download Version ONLY

As we head into the next season, sew yourself a comfy blouse from your Dress Kit - our newest digital Fashion Leaflet called the Peplum Trumpet Blouse. The peplum is asymmetrical - shorter in the front...longer in the back - and flows over your hips so nicely.
The trumpet portion is the flared detail that finishes the sleeves. Needless to say, if you prefer a sleeve with a simple straight finish, just leave the trumpet feature off and extend the sleeve as long as you desire.
The design features a super comfortable blouson elastic waist and a center back opening at the back neckline for a small ball button and loop closure for easy access.
 Peplum Trumpet Blouse

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