Sure-Fit Designs Men's Instructional Package

Men's Instructional Package

  • $29.35

Sure-Fit Designs™ Men's Instructional Package

Used in conjunction with the Ladies Pants Kit (sold separately), the Sure-Fit Designs™ Men's Pants Instructional Package guides you to create custom fit patterns to reflect the curves and contours of a man's body shape. 

How it works:

Unique measurements are applied to the Sure-Fit Designs™ Master Patterns contained in the Ladies Pants Kit.  The resulting pattern accurately reflects a man's body shape and circumferences. With hip sizes ranging from 71-158 cm (28" to 62"), it will accommodate all types sizes of shapes.

Here's a video clip on YouTube explaining how this kit works:

What's in the kit?

  • Instruction Book and techniques to achieve a personalized custom pattern
  • Fashion Leaflet directions for Men's Jeans and Men's Rugby/Pull on pants
  • Free access to the new Video Lessons on Sew Fit Academy Online, providing full instructions how to measure and draw the men's pants pattern using the ladies Pants Kit.

What can be made from this kit? Designer Jeans, formal pants, shorts, slim leg pants and jogging bottoms are all possible and all reflect a man's unique body shape.  Also included are instructions on adding pleats, cuffs and pockets.

Not included

The Designing Stylus (curved drawing tool) is NOT included.   This essential tool is required to draw the patterns for all of the kits and offered separately to allow customers to buy kit only options where they already own the Designing Stylus.  It is also available as part of the discounted Combos.

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