Sure Fit Academy Guidelines

Let Us Help You….Read These Important Purchasing Guidelines for the Sure-Fit Academy Websites!
  • You must have an account…..For privacy & protection.  Always sign in with your username & password.  If you don’t have an account, you will need to set one up to make your first purchase, even if it’s one of our Free courses, you will need an account.  Write down and SAVE your Username & Password for use again in the future.
  • NOTE:  When purchasing multiple individual courses (except ‘Bundles’), courses must be purchased one at a time.  The software & shopping cart does not allow for more than one item to be in the shopping cart at any one time.  Choose a single item, click the BUY button to place it in shopping cart, enter discount code, then check out.  Repeat process for each course you want.
  • On the next screen, immediately above the payment options (CC or PayPal), there is a RED question – Do you Have a Coupon/Discount Code?  Click on this question and enter the relevant code for your discount (if applicable) for the individual course or Bundle you want.
  • Do NOT enter your payment information before entering the sale coupon code as your card will be immediately charged and there will not be another opportunity to use the coupon code.
  • Enjoy this opportunity to receive our Academy courses at a reduced price.
  • Please note that this sale is occurring only at our "academy" websites and, NOT at our main product store -- These are totally different websites.
  • During this sale, and due to the large volume of orders we will most likely receive, we will not be issuing any refunds (or partial refunds) if you have forgotten to use the coupon codes.