Retreat Refund Policy

Here's what you need to know about registering and paying for your Fit and Sew Retreat Workshop with Sure-Fit Designs Australia:

  • To register for a Fit & Sew Workshop you must complete the on-line questionnaire - CLICK HERE to go our on-line registration on Google Forms.  This provides us necessary details so we can design the best workshop experience for all that attend.
  • Fit & Sew Retreat Workshops are not suitable for severe asymmetric or personal measurements beyond the "Master Pattern" measurements.
  • Deposit Payments toward your Fit & Sew Retreat Workshop are not refundable!  We can change the date of your workshop, or we can use your deposit payment (only) towards other goods and services available on our website.
  • Final Payments toward your Fit & Sew Workshop are not refundable either!  However, if your circumstances warrant we can change the date of your workshop.

In the weeks before your scheduled workshop Martha will be contacting you via email to provide you with more details about the specific workshop, and specific activities you should do to prepare.

We appreciate your interest in Sure-Fit Designs products and services, and we want to make certain all of your experiences with Sure-Fit Designs meet or exceed your expectations.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please call or email Martha.

Or if you prefer to provide feedback in an anonymous fashion, please follow this link to our Sure-Fit Designs Australia Feedback Page on Google Forms.

You can view our full Terms and Conditions by clicking on this link.