Designing Stylus

  • $36.35

The Sure-Fit Designs™ Designing Stylus is the KEY to this fitting, sewing and designing system.  It is the major drawing tool that is used for drawing the essential curves and is applicable to all the Sure-Fit Designs™ master patterns.

In one specialized tool, this drawing ruler has on it all the curves of your body - giving you great fit.  It is a 'MUST-HAVE' tool in order to draw these patterns. 

Manufactured from a sturdy plastic material, the Designing Stylus provides:

  • Hip curve
  • Front Crotch Curve for pants
  • Back Crotch Curve for pants
  • Neck curve
  • Armhole curves for Dress and Shirt Kits
  • PLUS a straight edge
  • 16 mm (5/8") seam allowance slots allowing for easy seam allowance addition
  • can be successfully used to correct the 'fit' of your commercial sewing patterns.

You simply can't ask for more...all your body curves represented on one unique drawing ruler.

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