Curve Runner

  • $34.45

Yes, Sure-Fit Designs Australia is now stocking Curve Runners!  We are selling the metric versions of the "Stitch Buzz" genuine products, available in both 20cm and 30cm roller sizes.

The Curve Runner is great for measuring any straight or curved line.  The clear acrylic wheel allows you to see through, so the curved line you are following never leaves your sight.   Measure:

  • Sleeve to armhole
  • Collar to collar stand
  • Collar to pattern neckline
  • Waist edge to skirt or pant body
  • Cuff to sleeve
  • Decorative trim
  • Compare measurements of two adjoining curves.
  • * Made in the USA *

Purchase the larger 30cm size if you will be mostly measuring longer distances, or get both so you're fully covered!

The handy Curve Runner measuring tool will become an "essential" tool for drawing your personal patterns.  Watch this video to learn more and see all these new capabilities in action!

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