SFD Sew and Tell

We are SEW excited to announce the SFD Sew and Tell 2020!

Our hope is to inspire you to do more designing and sewing with Sure-Fit Designs.


Sure-Fit Designs Sew and Tell 2020 is a year-long event to encourage designing and construction of garments using your Sure-Fit-Designs (SFD) system of fitting, designing, and sewing. Your personal “body blueprint” is your ticket to designing any style of clothing that can be assured will fit you.

Sure-Fit Designs invites you to participate, join the group and set sewing project goals now and work toward achieving those goals throughout 2020.

Here's a small sample of prior projects...well done ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for "telling" us all about them!

SFD Sew and Tell Examples

This is not a talent contest or competition. We are not judging sewing techniques or skills. This Sew and Tell Planner and participation is intended to promote and encourage the joy of sewing and to celebrate our global community of amazing people. Whether you're new to Sure-Fit Designs, or have been using for a number of years, we sincerely encourage you to participate and join the SFD Sew and Tell program. It will be a fun and supportive time for all.

PLUS - WIN Monthly Prizes!

For those of you who join, as an added incentive, Sure-Fit Designs will have random drawings for various prizes throughout the year. Winners will be announced via the SFD Newsletter, the SFD Blog, Facebook, Instagram &/or Pinterest.

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Note - this program is sponsored by Sure-Fit Designs USA.  As such you will be viewing the USA websites when participating in this program.  When you need to order products, make certain you jump back to the Sure-Fit Designs AUSTRALIA website.

Happy Fitting and Sewing, and Thank You for visiting our site!

Martha Schuster