Joy's Pants Sew Along

Hello "Down Under" Sure-Fit Designs Enthusiasts!

We don't know how many of you subscribe to Joy Bernhardt's YouTube channel or have watched some of her videos, but we can testify that Martha is a big fan, and at least 16,000 other people from around the world agree and have subscribed to her FREE YouTube channel.

Joy's videos provide all kinds of sewing information and she has heaps of tutorials.  She is skilled at explaining sewing techniques, and they are all unique to her.  She is a prolific seamstress, and a great customer of Sure-Fit Designs!  She has made literally hundreds of garments using SFD patterns.

Joy is preparing to release a Pants Sew Along, to make a pair of pull-on pants, utilising the Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit!   We expect she will release this Sew-Along about mid-February  -- here is a link to her announcement video:

In her video and also in the comments, she mentions there is a special discount off the Sure-Fit Designs Pants Kit and Mini Pants Kit Combo in the event you need to purchase the Pants Kit in order to particpate in her Sew Along.  Here are the codes so you can obtain these discounted prices:

Pants Kit Only - Discount Code: PantsJoy
Mini Pants Kit Combo - Discount Code: JoyMiniPants 

Select the Pants Kit or Mini Pants Kit Combo, add to your cart, proceed to "checkout" and in the discount code field type in these codes and click "apply."

Joy is not affiliated with Sure-Fit Designs in any way, but her experience which she freely shares through her YouTube channel is a huge benefit to sewing and fitting enthusiasts around the world, so we are very happy to partner with her, offering these discounts as a way to help more and more people in their creative efforts.

If you would like to learn more about Joy or subscribe to her channel, please CLICK HERE.

Thank you Joy, we love your work!