Curved T-Square

Curved T-Square

  • $19.95

One Curved T-Square 18 cm long.

Sure-Fit Designs Australia is now selling the Curved T-Square!  

The Sure-Fit Designs™ Curved T-Square is amazingly useful for ensuring the perfect 90 degree angle is drawn at all the relevant seam junctions. It's manufactured from see-through 3mm sturdy acrylic. It's just great for:

** Right angles both 1.0 cm and 1.3 cm edges
** Great for hem & cuff measuring
** 18 cm long
** Easy to handle
** Marked in both Imperial and Metric measurements
** The curved top is a perfect semi-circle
** Measure any small project swiftly

This handy ruler will become an 'essential' when drawing your personal patterns.

PLEASE NOTE: Purchase your Curved T-Square along with other items to reduce the shipping costs!

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